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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Textile Chemicals?

Textile Chemicals is a B2B portal where you can find all the chemicals required in Textile Industry. Tradeasia Textile Chemical Portal provides resources for product specification, application, TDS/MSDS and other relevant information are available.

Can we download the TDS and MSDS of chemicals before purchase?

Yes, you can download the TDS and MSDS before purchase. Click on TDS and MSDS button of the products you are interested, fill up your details on the form and you will have access to it.

Why we should choose Tradeasia Textile Chemicals?

Tradeasia provides you one stop solutions for all your textile chemical needs. We provides our customers and partners technical Solutions ,Chain management service, Product sourcing services, quality control services and friendly customer Services.

Can I ask for multiple products quotation?

Yes, just add the product in "Add To The Quote" cart, fill up the form and then our sales team will get back to you.

Do I receive any verification emails for enquires?

Yes, for any enquiry you submit to us, you will receive a verification email in the email address you provided us. Please confirm your enquiry for fast service.

How can I make purchases at

For any purchases you want to make with textile-chemicals, fill up the form at "Got a question" or "Quick enquiry form" and our representatives will contact you.

How can you contact textile-chemicals if you want to be your supplier?

To be our supplier, simply go to "Want to be our supplier" tab and submit the form. We will get in touch with you shortly.

Can I post my company events in the Textile Chemical portal?

Yes. Go to "Event" tab and click on "Add your event here". You will receive a verification mail, once you have submitted your form. We will evaluate the credentials and get back to you.

Can I download TDS and MSDS for different chemicals together?

Yes, you can download multiple TDS and MSDS at a time. Go to our "Resource Centre", and select the chemicals you are interested in. Fill up the form and you can download them automatically.

Do Tradeasia International trade only textile-chemicals?

No, we trade various basic chemicals. Go to textile-chemical page to view the website of other chemicals we trade.

How can I contact representative?

Tradeasia is committed to providing the best customer service possible. Feel free to contact us by Phone No. : (62 21) 5799 1823-25, +65-62276365 and by Fax no. : (62 21) 5799 1530 or email us at

Can I contact textile-chemicals on any social media platform?

Yes you may. Skype us @ textile.tradeasia or follow us on Facebook (, Twitter ( or LinkedIn (